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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

M51 - Whirpool Galaxy

The Whirlpool Galaxy (also known as Messier 51a, M51a, or NGC 5194) is an interacting[5] grand-design[6] spiral galaxy located at a distance of approximately 23 million light-years in the constellation Canes Venatici. It is one of the most famous galaxies in the sky.

What was later known as the Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered[9] in 1774 by Charles Messier, and is designated as M51. Its companion galaxy, NGC 5195, was discovered in 1781 by Pierre M├ęchain. It was however not until 1845 that the Whirlpool became the first to be recognized as a spiral. Sometimes M51 is used to refer to the pair of galaxies, in which case the individual galaxies may be referred to as M51A (NGC 5194) and M51B (NGC 5195).

Telescope: Skywatcher ED80 & William Optics FF/FR 0.8 II
Mount: HEQ5 Pro
Camera: QHY8
Filter: IDAS LPS
Guidescope: Skywatcher 70/500mm
Guide with LVI SmartGuider
Exp. Time: 3 hours (9*20 min subframes)
Calibration Frames: 50 flat, 50 bias, 10 darks
Capture: Nebulosity 2.2.5
Stack: Deep Sky Stacker
Processing: Photoshop CS3
Date: 2 April 2010
Location: Ancient Epidauros, GR

M51 - Whirpool Galaxy Wiki

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