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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IC 1795 - North Bear Nebula

IC 1795 - North Bear Nebula in HaRGB

IC 1795 - North Bear Nebula in Ha

IC 1795 is located about 7,500 light years away toward the constellation of Cassiopeia. It is a part of the rich and spectacular nebular complex IC 1805 The Heart Nebula.

Telescope: APM Astrograph 107, f/6.5 with Baader Steeltrack Focuser and 2.5'' TS FF
Mount: NEQ6 Pro with EQ Mod and XBOX Wireless Controller
Camera: ATIK 314L+
Image Scale: 1.91 arcsec/pixel
Filter: Baader Ha 7nm, Baader R,G,B, IDAS LPS
Filter Wheel: Starlight Xpress Motor USB, 7x1.25''
Guide Camera: QHY5 with PHD Guiding and TS UV/IR Block
Guide Scope: Skywatcher Finderscope 8x50
Exp. Time: HaR RGB,Ha: 2h (bin 1x1), R,G,B: 15,15,15 min (bin 2x2)
Calibration Frames: 50 flats in each filter, 50 bias, 6 dark frames
Capture: Nebulosity 2.3.0
Register, Stack: Maxim DL, CCD Stack
Processing: Photoshop CS3
Date: 5 Nov 2010
Location: Athens, GR

IC 1795 - North Bear Nebula Wiki

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